Playing Fantastic Four with the Computer  

Can you use the numbers on four cards to make up equations that equal the number on a fifth card? In Fantastic Four, you win the game by making the most equations.


Here's How to Play
Write down the numbers on the four cards that the computer shows you. You will use these numbers to make equations that equal the number on the fifth card. Turn over the fifth card. The computer will give you five minutes to write your equations. You get the most points for equations that use all four numbers (and no points at all for using only one number).

Here's an Example!
Suppose the four cards the computer turns over are: a four, a nine, an ace (which is a one), and a two. The fifth card turned over was a seven. Can you make an equation that equals 7 using 4, 9, 1 and 2?


Ready to Play?




You can also play Fantastic Four with cards.

If you want to lead a class or group in playing Fantastic Four, go to the Teacher/Leader version.

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