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What Do I Do?

Step 1
Print this Height Calculator Grid.

Step 2
On the protractor at the corner of the Height Calculator grid, mark the angle you measured on your inclinometer. Draw a straight line that runs through the mark on the protractor, through the corner of the grid, and all the way across the paper.

Step 3
Imagine that your eye is right by the protractor in the lower left-hand corner of the grid. The line at the bottom of the grid is a line parallel to the ground, at the level of your eyes. Each division on the grid represents 100 cm in the real world. Using this information and the distance you measured in Step 7 in Using Your Inclinometer, mark the object’s position on the bottom line of the grid.

Step 4
Starting at the mark you just made, draw a straight line that’s perpendicular to the bottom line of the grid, starting at your mark.

Now you have a triangle. The height of this triangle tells you the distance from your eye-level line to the top of the object.

Step 5
To get the height of the object, add the distance from the ground to your eye level (from Step 8 in Using Your Inclinometer) to the number you got above.



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