Mind Reader (Tips for Leaders)

When we showed this card trick to a group of middle schoolers, they gasped in amazement—and all wanted to learn how to do it. Once they learn the trick, people are motivated to figure out how it works.

Preparation and Materials
For each pair of players, you will need:
A deck of cards
Photocopies of Mind Reader Instructions and Analyzing Mind Reader (optional)

Planning ChartOptions

The Tips for Leaders section explains how you can lead a group through this card trick. The trick can also be learned independently by individuals or pairs. Simply give each person or pair of people a deck of cards and a photocopy of the trick instructions and the optional analysis, which explains why the trick works. You can ask those working independently to show that they’ve learned the trick by trying it on you.

Learning card tricks independently can be a great "reward" activity for people who finish other assignments early.

Though the analysis is meant for those learning the trick independently, it can also be used as a reference to help you understand and explain the trick to groups.


Using Mind Reader with a Group


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