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Who's the Fittest? A Predator-Prey Competition (Webcast)
Date: February 11, 2009
Running Time: 00:19:33

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What makes one individual "fitter" than another? Fitness is partly due to having a survival advantage, for example, a beak that allows one bird better access to its neighborhood's food offerings than other birds have. In this program, Exploratorium scientist and educator Karen Kalumuck introduces us to natural selection, and later leads a live-action, full-body competition inspired by it. Four teams of "predators" compete with each other for prey. Who will thrive and who will face extinction? Who's the fittest, and what does that really mean today? Join us to find out!
The Exploratorium's Darwin Days, a series of presentations, debates, and discussions, invites you to explore the ways scientists continue to learn from and apply their knowledge of evolutionary biology to a broad range of pursuits.


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