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Rangoli Sand Painting (Clip)
Date: April 23, 2013
Running Time: 00:02:15

For thousands of years, Indian women have created these elaborate geometric designs using a variety of natural materials—flowers, spices, sand, and natural pigment—to mark auspicious occasions, celebrations, and milestones. The rangoli would evolve over the course of the day. Purvi Shah studied fine art and design in India. For our Grand Opening, she created an elaborate rangoli—a living, breathing Indian design tradition that is thousands of years old. Purvi and her students from the India Community Center used motifs derived from the Exploratorium and natural phenomena found in the local landscape to create this temporal painting celebrating the beauty of our new public space at Pier 15.
The arts are a fundamental method of discovery at the Exploratorium. We engage artists in every facet of our work to inspire curiosity and to further an interdisciplinary approach to seeing and understanding the world. From creating long-lasting exhibits on our museum floor to developing unforgettable performances in our public spaces, the Exploratorium has presented the work of hundreds of artists working at the intersection of art, science, and learning. Please browse this video collection of arts related work to see a sample of our diverse arts programming.


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