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The Freddy McGuire Show: Interview (Clip)
Date: February 14, 2014
Running Time: 00:25:00

Join us for an interview with Anne McGuire and Wobbly. Since the late eighties, Anne McGuire has been making films, and Wobbly (Jon Leidecker) has been making electronic music. Together, Anne and Jon form the duo more widely known as the Freddy McGuire Show. Technology provokes subtle changes in everything that it touchesóincluding the human voice. And when it feels that it must, that voice will sing about what it may or may not feel like to be an American in an age where social media is redefining the meaning of the word stalker. Combining the vocals and invasive surveillance cameras of renowned video artist Anne McGuire, and the familiar and simultaneous melodies of the collagist Wobbly, the Freddy McGuire Show will perform spontaneously improvised oldies accompanied by live and prerecorded camera feeds that both document and create. Part Hollywood musical, part documentary, part horror film, and part nature study, their performance will offer the challenging narrative that every audience likes to read about before itís made into a movie; the fact that it will also be something that is actually happening might be less than the point.
A new series exploring the work of contemporary composers and sound artists hosted by renowned musician and San Francisco Bay Area radio host, Sarah Cahill. Resonance performances will be held in the Exploratoriumís new Kanbar Forum, and enlivened by its state-of-the-art, 72-channel Meyer Sound Constellation sound system, providing the audience with an intimate experience of each eventís sonic details. The series will also include additional media on the topic of sound .


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