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Origins: Unwinding DNA at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Dr. Jan Witkowski (Webcast)
Date: February 26, 2003
Running Time: 00:13:41

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Fifty years ago, Watson and Crick presented their discovery of DNA's double helix structure at a conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. To commemorate this event, the Exploratorium is taking you to this year's gathering at Cold Spring Harbor. We'll get an insider's view of the informal side of science, a perspective seldom seen. Come with us and watch science in action. Dr. Jan Witkowski is Executive Director of the Banbury Center of Cold Spring Harbor and is responsible for organizing some 20 meetings a year. Dr. Witkowski talks with us about the purpose of scientific meetings, about science as a social endeavor, and about some of the interesting people, events, and science stories that we can look forward to during the Biology of DNA meeting, which he coorganized with Dr. David Stewart, Director of Meetings and Courses at CSHL.
Viewed as the "home" of DNA, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in Long Island, New York, is considered by scientists to be one of the most important places for cutting-edge genetics research. In this series of videos, scientists discuss DNA research and the unique scientific culture at CSHL.


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