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NISE: SmallTalk
Nanograffiti: Building from the Atoms Up (Podcast)
Date: January 19, 2007
Running Time: 00:22:52

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IBM Fellow Dr. Don Eigler first used a scanning tunneling microscope to demonstrate the ability to build structures at the atomic level by spelling “I-B-M” with individual atoms. Also, meet Tom Rockwell, Director of Public Exhibition at the Exploratorium, who describes, in an audio essay, how he imagines the land of the very small. Finally, take the Nano News or Nano Nonsense quiz!

Image reproduced by permission of IBM Research, Almaden Research Center. Unauthorized use not permitted.
SmallTalk is a podcast series where we chat about nanotechnology with leading scientists, thinkers, artists, writers, and visionaries, and look at quirky nanoscience stories in the news.


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