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SF Debate: The Ethics of Consumer Genotyping, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Club (Clip)
Date: March 16, 2009
Running Time: 1:28

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A debate format inviting audience participation. With guests: Mildred Cho, Associate Director, Stanford Center for BioMedical Ethics Erin Cline Davis, Science Writer, 23andMe Watson and Crick probably never dreamed that scientists would sequence human genomes less than 60 years after the pair discovered the structure of DNA. Yet in the last decade, technological breakthroughs have allowed scientists to sequence an individualís genome or look for specific genes in little time and at a relatively affordable cost. How do these developments affect our lives? In this spirited evening of debate, we explore ethical questions surrounding the information revealed by genome sequencing and discuss how that information is currently used, understood, and protected.
The Exploratorium's Darwin Days, a series of presentations, debates, and discussions, invites you to explore the ways scientists continue to learn from and apply their knowledge of evolutionary biology to a broad range of pursuits.


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