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Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists
Peregrine Falcons in Greenland (Clip)
Date: July 10, 2008
Running Time: 00:02:14

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This program is available for download in the Ice Stories Polar Media Collection.

by Billy D'Andrea, Ice Stories correspondent NEAR KANGERLUSSUAQ, GREENLAND-- My spirits were high hiking out from the back lakes, a solo half-day walk. Wed found more suspicious algae in a lake where I hadn't expected them to be and this find throws a curveball into my ideas of what the algae need in order to bloom. Slowing your pace, exploring new places and taking a closer look at things always helps you learn something new in the field. Already feeling good, I happened upon a Peregrine Falcon scrape. Two falcons, not too thrilled that I was passing by their cliff-side nest, began circling and screaming to chase me off. These amazing birds of prey were once endangered due to the use of pesticides like DDT. After the ban on DDT, and with the aid of protection and reintroduction efforts by people, Peregrine numbers have rebounded. This is a nice example of how people can change simple practices to protect other members of the Earth System. In this video, listen for the sound of Wheatears (songbirds) chirping and yipping in the foreground.
What's it like to be a research scientist working in the Arctic or Antarctica? We gave polar scientists video cameras and asked them to document their field work. Webcasts produced at the poles are another part of the Ice Stories project.


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