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Voyages of Discovery: NOAA's Okeanos Explorer Okeanos Explorer
ROV Highlights, July 1, 2010 (Clip)
Date: July 1, 2010
Running Time: 00:01:57

View some of the spectacular underwater footage captured by the Little Hercules ROV on July 1 during the Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration Expedition.

The only prior information available on this dive site was single beam echosounder data and one CTD cast. The ROV descended 900m to a peak on a large seamount with a 10km long ridge, and transited along a saddle to another peak and explored the area surrounding it. The seafloor on this dive was dominated by loose rocks. In a few places on steep slopes were truncated with pillow flows.

The ROV encountered a very interesting hermit crab that had a symmetrical soft coral for a shell. The crab was approximately 15cm in diameter and had asymmetrical furry chelae that appeared to be covered with encrusting sponges.

The ROV imaged several species of coral, shrimp, hydroids, an eel-like fish, and a very unique looking squid that at first glance appeared to have a siphonophore attached to it. It was difficult to identify it, but the squid was certainly a breathtaking example of the diversity of unique life that lies deep beneath the ocean surface.

Watch spectacular underwater footage gathered by the Okeanos Explorer as it investigates and maps the world's ocean depths.