The MIND team and advisors developed a variety of special events to test exhibit and program ideas and to complement the project’s permanent exhibit collection. Find out more about these unique experiences here.

Past MIND Events:

June 13 – September 1, 2008
Superstitious? Find out at the Superstition Obstacle Course!
Opening Friday, June 13, these special interactive exhibits let you test your reactions to superstitions from around the world. Break mirrors, walk under ladders, spill salt, and don’t knock wood—the Superstition Obstacle Course presents a unique opportunity to investigate your ideas about risk, reason, fear, and fun.

11 a.m.-4 p.m. throughout the summer; free with museum admission.
January 22 – May 11, 2008
The Search for Universals in Human Emotion: Photographs from
the New Guinea Expedition
This exhibition celebrates the fortieth anniversary of psychologist Paul Ekman's pioneering work on human facial expressions. In the late 1960s, Dr. Ekman studied the isolated Fore people of New Guinea, most of whom could not have learned the meaning of facial expressions from contact with outsiders or modern media. Dr. Ekman’s work established that, as Charles Darwin had argued a century earlier, facial expressions are not culturally specific (as are languages), but are instead the products of human evolution—universal to our species.

Paul Ekman is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCSF and Director of the Paul Ekman Group, LLC. To learn more about his research, please visit

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