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Help Wanted in Antarctica

Antarctica may be the most competitive job location in the world. Each year, thousands of Americans apply to work on The Ice, through the National Science Foundation or Raytheon Polar Services, the company contracted to handle all the U.S. operations in Antarctica.

Eighty percent of personnel work during austral summer between October and February. During that time, McMurdo Station is alive with people from many walks of life: not just scientists, but pilots, construction workers, and technicians of all kinds. Even teachers, artists, and members of the press have a chance to apply for time on The Ice.

While most of Antarctica's employed population is there for the adventure of life on the continent, there are other benefits. A technical or labor job in Antarctica pays considerably more than the same job in the U.S. And for those who live in the American Midwest, January's weather is warmer in Antarctica than at home!

If you don't have the skills or gumption to apply for these programs, you can always visit Antarctica as a tourist. The links below will give you more information about how you can find your way to the Seventh Continent. These are for U.S. programs, but similar opportunities exist in other countries.

Snowblower photo
Photo: NSF
Someone's got to drive the snowblower.

Water sampling photo
Photo: NSF
Sampling water from an ice hole.
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