Origins: From Jungle to Lab.  The Story of Life's Complexity
Picture: Pinned Insect
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David Carter and Liz Wilder Entimologists

"My parents are dairy farmers in Wiltshire in the South of England. They're also very into the conservation area—getting farmers to farm more sensibly. "
—Liz Wilder

Liz Wilder capturing butterflies

"I think that got me into the conservation frame of mind... I'm seeing which of the butterflies that live in the jungle can survive when there's agricultural business going on."
—Liz Wilder
Liz Wilder and butterfly trap Butterfly identification sample specimens Field to Lab
tagged specimens a science team enters the jungle moths  

Origins: Exploratorium: From Jungle to Lab

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Origins From Jungle to Lab: The Story of Life's Complexity Origins Exploratorium From Jungle to Lab