Origins: From Jungle to Lab.  The Story of Life's Complexity
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David Carter and Liz Wilder Entimologists

"Deforestation is kind of inevitable, I think, whether or not we would agree with it happening. People have got to grow food and they've got to farm, and they will farm... "
—Liz Wilder

Liz Wilder identifies butterflies

"I'm curious to know what kind of agri-ecosystem provides the best refuge for butterflies displaced by deforestation. Butterflies can serve as an indicator group, because they're really sensitive to different types of change in an environment."
—Liz Wilder
Liz Wilder and butterfly trap Butterfly identification sample specimens Field to Lab
tagged specimens a science team enters the jungle moths  

Origins: Exploratorium: From Jungle to Lab

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Origins From Jungle to Lab: The Story of Life's Complexity Origins Exploratorium From Jungle to Lab