Origins: From Jungle to Lab.  The Story of Life's Complexity
Picture: Pinned Insect
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David Carter and Liz Wilder Entimologists

"When I was a child, I was already fascinated with insects. I don't particularly know why I chose beetles in the first place, but I've always had a fascination for them... "
—David Carter

David Carter and the collection

"When I came here to the museum I actually was given the opportunity to work with moths, and I rather welcomed this because I felt it would be nice to look at something different, a new challenge. And subsequent to that, of course, I worked with other groups of insects here also. Wherever you look in this department, there's always something fascinating to work with."
—David Carter on being an entomologist
Liz Wilder and butterfly trap Butterfly identification sample specimens Field to Lab
tagged specimens a science team enters the jungle moths  

Origins: Exploratorium: From Jungle to Lab

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