Origins: From Jungle to Lab.  The Story of Life's Complexity
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Monkey Tail Trail

This trail, leading several miles to the Monkey Tail River, is one of the main “commuter” routes for biologists heading into the field. On any given day, a half-dozen researchers might head down this trail: Andrew, in search of parasitic wasps; Liz, to check her butterfly traps; Kris, to visit the frog pond; or Marcella, to set up the motion-activated cameras she uses in her study of jaguars.

“After breakfast, most of the scientists go out to their field sites. That may require organizing vehicles or guides to go with them. Chapal, the operations manager, organizes that, and the scientists go off and do their various studies.” —Chris Minty, Station Manager

image: Monkey Tail Trail

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Origins: Exploratorium: From Jungle to Lab

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