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Quicktime VR help

In order to view our Quicktime Virtual Reality clips, you must have the Quicktime plug-in for your browser. Quicktime is available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

If Quicktime VR's are playing incorrectly in your Windows Media Player...

then it's likely you have Windows Media Player set up as the default player for media file types. That means the player may launch itself and try to play Quicktime files, even though it will not play them properly. There are two different ways to fix this problem:

Option 1: Uninstall Windows Media Player, and reinstall it doing a "custom install." You will be offered the choice of whether or not to assign .qt and .mov file types to the Media Player. So click "no" or uncheck the box to decline the option. You want to do this because the problem you are having with Quicktime files is due to the fact that Media Player assigns these files types to itself.

Option 2: If you have Quicktime 4.1 (which automatically comes in many browsers), you can re-assign the files to the Quicktime player.

  • From the Start menu, go to "Settings," and then "Control Panels."
  • Double click the Quicktime control panel. You'll see this box:

    Quicktime control panel

  • Click on MIME settings, and it will open this window:

    Quick Time MIME settings panel

  • Click on "Quick Time Movie" and then click "OK."

You will have to close and restart your browser (not your entire computer) in order for this change to take effect.

If you have the most recent plug-in and are still having problems, visit the Quicktime specifications page for information and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Download the free Quicktime player.

Once you have the player installed...

  • Remember that QTVR's are large files (about 2 Mb) and may take several minutes to download, depending on your connection.

  • Put your cursor over the image and drag it around while keeping the mouse clicked. You can pan from left to right, up and down this way.

  • You can zoom in and out of the frame by using the controls at the bottom of the window.
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