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Below the AD Control Room

1 — Cement blocks covering the AD
2 — Crane for lifting cement blocks and other equipment
3 — Spare magnets for the AD
4 — Coils for cooling system
5 — ASACUSA laser hut
6 — Exploratorium webcam
7 — Pathway to experimental areas located on other side of building
8 — Copper pipe from stochastic cooling system. Carries signal from other side
of AD to helium-filled coolers.
9 — Silvano
10 — This scientist is actually walking above the accelerator. Pan to the left, and you'll see that in order for him to leave the building, he must climb over the AD, which is housed in the cement blocks, and go down a staircase beyond it to reach the exit.
11 — Look up! Windows into the control room.


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The Heart of the Matter



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