We gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance of the scientists and other staff at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory who made it possible to bring you Unwinding DNA.

Cold Spring Harbor Staff

Clare Bunce, Archivist
Eli Hatchwell, Investigator, sporadic human genetic disease
Teresa Kruger, Archivist, Watson collection
Zachary Mainen, Neuroscientist
Dave Miklos, Director, Dolan Learning Center
Vivek Mittal, Assistant Professor
Tim Mulligan, Farm Manager
Peter Sherwood, Chief Science Correspondent
Dave Stewart, Director of Meetings & Courses
Bruce Stillman, Director
Marja Timmermans, Assistant Professor
Tim Tully, Research biologist
James Watson, President
Jan Witkowski, Director, Banbury Center


Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, Nature
Victor McElheny, Science Historian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lynne Osman Elkin, Professor of Biological Sciences, California State University at Hayward

Exploratorium Staff

Rob Semper, Principal Investigator
Melissa Alexander, Project Director
Robin Marks, Web Site Producer
Mary K. Miller, Producer
Susan Schwartzenberg, Photographer
Jenny Villagrán, Web Designer
Janet Fouts, Web Developer
Judith Brand, Editor
Ellyn Hament, Editor
Mike Matz, Writer
Liza Gross, Writer
Larry Shaw, Sr. Technical staff
Liz Spencer, Video Producer

Additional photography:

Margot Bennett, aerial photos of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Bill Geddes, head shot of Zachary Mainen

Baked goodies await conference participants in the auditorium lobby at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


© exploratorium

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