Jones Laboratory

Jones Lab "Jones Lab is a mixture of the old days—you can see remnants of the old days of the building—with more modern biology. It has all these chemicals, PCR [Polymerase Chain Reaction] machine, refrigerators. It was built in 1890 and it's actually the original building at Cold Spring Harbor. It was first used to bring marine biological specimens into the lab to study. It has a very high ceiling, which I imagine was to keep it cool, providing natural refrigeration for the specimens since there was no refrigeration at that time.
"Every morning we sit down and discuss all of our ideas and how we would explain the results of our experiments. The information on this board is the place we post ideas. We also note general maintenance information on the board. We post different ideas that are floating around on the drawing board; we typically write ideas over and over and try to formulate them and then we test them. These ideas flow from what we see in our experiments. Each person is doing a different set of experiments and comes up with different ideas to try to explain the things seen in the experiments. We write them down here and talk about them.



Interior of Jones Lab"The tools that we use are inside these modules. A number of these modules were built in 1975. They allow us to do our sensitive electrophysiological experiments. They are isolated vibrationally because our experiments are very sensitive to vibration."

—Roberto Malinow, neuroscientist working in the Jones Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


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