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April 22, 1 p.m. PDT
Astronomy to Art: Making Hubble Heritage

A unique chance to watch the live progression of the making of a Hubble image! We'll select an image to follow over the course of the following webcasts, showing you the steps along the way as it goes from raw data to a full-color picture. And we'll talk with people who bring Hubble's fantastic images to the public. Part 2 of the previous program.


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Webcast duration: 1 hour
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Today's Guests :

Zoltan George LevayMr. Zoltan George Levay is a computer image specialist and a member of the Hubble Heritage team. He was born in Pakistan, of Hungarian parents, came to the U.S. at the age of four, and grew up near Baltimore, Maryland. Zoltan has a background in astronomy and, even from a very early ages, a fascination with the magnificent photographs made with the world's great telescopes. As a Hubble Heritage Team member, his goal is to find and distribute the most visually striking images from the Hubble Space Telescope. His personal website:

Lisa M. Frattare is an image processor on the Hubble Heritage Project. Her specialty is creating three-color images of archival data taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and releasing these images to the public. Lisa has a background in science and astronomy and she also helps plan and execute new Hubble observations. Getting a Ph.D. is on Lisa's proverbial "to-do" list and she's very active in promoting women in astronomy through her work with the American Astronomical Society's Committee on the Status of Women.


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