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April 24, 11 a.m. PDT
Last Stop Before Space

The first-ever live event inside the NASA clean room where space hardware is being prepared for the Hubble Space Telescope. We'll get dressed in "bunny suits" to explore the room and show you the activities of engineers and scientists getting ready for the next Hubble servicing mission in November.

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Webcast duration: 1 hour
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Today's Guests :

Kathryn J. Gaulke manages a team at Goddard Space Flight Center that designs tools for astronauts servicing the Hubble Space Telescope. She has a background in mechanical engineering and spends time training astronauts to use their specialized tools. This involves diving with them in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at Johnson Space Center. Kathryn has also been developing new lithium ion battery technology to be used in a power ratchet tool that will be using during Hubble's third servicing mission. Power Ratchet Tool for SM3B.

Kevin K. Carmack has been working with Space in Shuttle payloads for eight years including Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions, and John Glenn's mission. He is currently working the 4th Hubble servicing mission scheduled for launch in November 2001. He works with a team of 81 people on the electrical, mechanical, structural and thermal engineering designs for Space Shuttle payloads.

Dr. Mark Clampin is an instrument scientist at STScI. He helped design the new camera, called Advanced Camera for Survey, that will be installed during the next Servicing mission in November, 2001.



Live webcam of the clean room
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QuickTimeVR panoramas of the Mission Operations Center and Cleanroom.


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