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Leon Bailey
Senior Lead, Contamination Control Systems

It's Leon's job to make sure that everything that enters NASA's Clean Room is as oil-free, hair-free, and dust-free as possible. "It takes a very small amount of debris to literally render a million-dollar piece of hardware totally useless," he says. That's why Leon orders everyone to don NASA's requisite "bunny suit" before entering the clean room, and keeps all the equipment they work on cleaner than a surgeon's scalpel.

Leon has everyone put on a "bunny suit" before entering the clean room.

"I get to do things that very few people in the world get to do," says Leon. For example, he sees and handles parts of the Hubble Space Telescope that go up in space, and he's involved in training the astronauts to work with those parts. He's been "Mr. Cleanroom" for 15 years, and joined NASA after working as a medical technician. But Leon's been fascinated with the stars all his life. "We see these bodies, hung in the heavens. Some of them glitter and some of them we're able to see at night as they go streaking through the sky," he says. "The fascination is born when you're young, and you are literally thrilled with it throughout your life."


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