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Lisa Frattare
Science and Outreach Specialist, Hubble Heritage Project

Lisa's title has nothing to do with her job; she prefers to call herself "image processor." She creates stunning full-color pictures from Hubble's black-and-white images, a process that she likens to putting frosting on a wedding cake. "A cake tastes great," says Lisa, " but at the wedding, everyone's looking at the cake because it really looks beautiful. And that's what we get to do."

Lisa consults with a colleague during a Heritage project meeting.

Because she's part of the Hubble Heritage project, Lisa doesn't get to attach her name to her work. Still, she says, she's happy to have the chance to bring Hubble's images to the public. Lisa was an astronomer for many years before taking on the Heritage images. She was one of the only women in many of her classes, and so she needed some tenacity to get through -- a skill she says she cultivated while being picked on by her brothers.

Lisa, who has degrees from Arizona State University and Wesley University, thinks about going back for her Ph.D. She has one child, and telecommutes to work about half the time.


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