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If you could have the Hubble Telescope for a day, where would you point it?

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Monique Ramos
Science Instruments Flight Controller

Monique gets a thrill when Hubble is pointed in the wrong direction. That's when her work is most interesting. It's Monique's job to attend to the health and safety of the instruments on board the telescope, and to make sure that Hubble is pointed so that it can precisely gather the images that researchers want. When it's off kilter, "we have procedures that we have to go through to get it pointing in the right direction, which actually is kind of fun," she says. "And," she adds, "I like doing the hard stuff."

Monique works in the control room.

It was the electronics kit Monique's father bought her when she was a kid that led her into a life of science. She recently graduated from college with a degree in physics, and thinks about going to graduate school for more. When she tells people what she does, sometimes they don't even believe her. "They don't really understand what I'm doing," she says, "but they know it's cool."


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