Origins Hubble a view to the edge of space  
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To view the QuickTimeVR panorama below, you must have Apple QuickTime installed on your computer.

With your mouse anywhere within the picture below, click and drag to scan the panorama. With the cursor in the picture, hold the SHIFT key to zoom in, and the CONTROL key to zoom out.

You may think it's hard to find a good tailor. What if your tailor also had to protect you from the vacuum of space, the boiling heat of the sun, the freezing temperatures of the earth's shadow, AND had to make the suit flexible enough to allow you to do detailed work? That's just what Amy Ross does! She designs space suits in this lab. Here you can see machines for testing the seals, a glove-box to experiment with gloves (Amy designed a glove for her father, who is an astronaut!) and even one of the last remaining Apollo space suits.


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