Origins Hubble a view to the edge of space  
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To view the QuickTimeVR panorama below, you must have Apple QuickTime installed on your computer.

With your mouse anywhere within the picture below, click and drag to scan the panorama. With the cursor in the picture, hold the SHIFT key to zoom in, and the CONTROL key to zoom out.

Here you are on the lawn at the press viewing area at the Kennedy Space Center. This is 3 miles away from the launch pad, which you can barely see just to the right of the famous countdown clock. This is the closest you can be to the actual launch vehicle. The press site is next to the giant Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) where the shuttle and boosters are put together. To get a feel for the size of this building, the stars on the flag are each 6 feet across! The doors on the right side of the building are tall enough for the Saturn 5 Apollo moon rocket to fit through. The building has its own weather inside. The shorter white building below the doors with the sloping front is the famous launch control room.


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