Exploratorium Field Trip Pathways

What are Field Trip Pathways?

Pathways are collections of support materials for teachers who bring their students to the Exploratorium.

Pathways are designed to:

  • Help provide direction and structure for the field trip.
  • Focus the attention of field trip students on a particular set of exhibits or topic.
  • Suggest links to related materials and additional experiments for pre- and post-trip learning.

There are two types of Pathways: Guided and Open.

Featured pathway: Looking Without Seeing

Guided Pathways
Guided Pathways are intended to be a set course of exploration in the museum. Each Pathway includes a student worksheet and a matching teacher's edition. The teacher's edition links the Pathway's content to state science standards and provides additional support materials as well as sample answers to the worksheet questions.

Open Pathways
Open Pathways suggest creative ways for you to structure your Exploratorium field trip to motivate students.
Teachers who visit the Exploratorium have developed their own methods for making the most of their field trip. Some of these methods have been gathered and described in Open Pathways.

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Your Pathways
Want to build your own Pathway using these Exploratorium resources?
-Learning Resources Collection
-Exhibit Cross-Reference

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