Exploratorium Field Trip Pathways


Scavenger Hunt
Suggested by Gerry Jamin

Pick one or more hunts for your students:

  • Find 5 exhibits that use patterns.
  • Find 3 exhibits that use your body as a conductor.
  • Find 5 exhibits that have pendulums.
  • Find 3 exhibits that have curved mirrors.
  • Find 5 exhibits where you can see an image of yourself.
  • Find 3 exhibits that can give you a shock.
  • Find 5 exhibits that do something weird to your speech.
  • Find 4 exhibits where you see something that isn't really where you see it.
  • Find 5 exhibits that involve spinning something.
  • Find 5 exhibits that allow you to make or manipulate colors.
  • Find 3 exhibits that can test one of your physical or mental abilities in some way.
  • Find 7 exhibits that physically require you to use more than your hands.
  • When exhibit is located, students can:

Play with the exhibit.
Note the exhibit title and what theme or hunt it falls under.
Draw a picture of it.
Take a picture of it.