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Color Uncovered: A New Exploratorium iPad App Launches

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October 18, 2011

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Color Uncovered: A New Exploratorium iPad App Launches

October 2011

When is yellow yellower than yellow? What color is a whisper? What's missing from the palette of Renaissance painters?

The Exploratorium’s Online Engagement group has launched its first iPad app, Color Uncovered, an interactive digital book, now available free of charge, in Apple’s iTunes Store:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/color-uncovered/id470299591?ls=1&mt=8

At the Exploratorium, visitors get to have hands-on experience with real things as a way to better understand phenomena. That same hands-on experience has been built into this app. In several of its explorations, people can add simple items found at home – a CD case, a drop of water, and a piece of paper – to the app and can have hands-on experiences, for example exploring how an iPad and other devices create color. All the phenomena presented are authentic; nothing has been digitally manipulated.

Color Uncovered features a wide spectrum of interesting color-related topics, and asks: Can you see a blue square that isn’t there? Can you colorize a photo using just your eyes? Why shouldn’t you let your dog drive (beyond the obvious reasons)? And, are salmon always salmon-colored and oranges always orange?  You’ll never look at color the same way again.

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