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Holiday Events at the Exploratorium

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December 01, 2007

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Holiday Events at the Exploratorium

All events are included in the price of admission.

Celebrity Chef
Elizabeth Falkner

Sweet Ice: Winter Dreamscape by Citizen Cake
Saturday, December 8, Noon - 4pm

In honor of the holidays (and the International Polar Year*) watch a magical Arctic winter dreamscape come to life! Celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner, owner of the popular, award-winning San Francisco patisserie, restaurant, and bar, Citizen Cake, will lead a team of her pastry chefs in creating a landscape made entirely of cake and other dessert ingredients at the Exploratorium. Known for her artistic flair and frequently featured on national television, Falkner is the author of the newly published cookbook, Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake. She lives in San Francisco, the home of her three restaurants: Citizen Cake, Citizen Cupcake, and Orson.

Under the Antarctic Sea with Artist Henry Kaiser
Sunday, December 9, McBean Theater, 1pm

Even though we live in Northern California, when we think of the approaching holidays, we think of winter, snow and ice. In keeping with that theme and with the International Polar Year*, the Exploratorium presents Henry Kaiser, a Grammy-Award winning guitarist and research diver, who will accompany 45 minutes of spectacular Antarctic footage (shot mostly underwater) with narration and improvised guitar. A former resident of the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, Kaiser has since returned to the ice four times as a research diver. This cool musical pre-holiday icy event is included in the price of admission to the Exploratorium.

One of the most creative and innovative guitarists, improvisers, and producers in the fields of rock, jazz, and experimental music, Oakland-based Henry Kaiser is also one of the most extensively recorded, having appeared on more than 225 different albums. A Grammy Award winner, Mr. Kaiser frequently performs throughout the USA, Europe, and Japan. He first traveled to McMurdo Station in 2001. He recently worked as producer and underwater cameraman for Discovery Channel International on Werner Herzog's new Antarctic feature film, Encounters at the End of the World.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales and The Sweater
December 22, McBean Theater at 2pm

Don't miss the sound of Dylan Thomas' voice in the December 22 Exploratorium screening of A Child’s Christmas in Wales, the 1963 film that presents the story, written and narrated by Dylan Thomas, of a boy's memories of Christmas in Wales.

Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1963, 26 min., black and white, 16mm) uses still photographs of the wintry Welsh countryside to evoke memories of childhood and snow. The Sweater (1980, 10 min.), directed by Sheldon Cohen, is an animated version of a story by Québec author Roch Carrier, set in the rural Québec of his boyhood. Carrier recalls the passion for playing hockey, which he shared with the other boys of his community. This funny, poignant story is animated in a style that evokes the late 1940s.

Holiday Animated Film Festival
Wednesday, December 26 – Saturday, December 29, 2007
McBean Theater, Noon and 2pm

The selection of short documentaries and animated films includes:

Sour Death Balls (1993, 4 min.), by Academy-Award winner Jessica Yu, takes a humorous and quirky look at how people from all ages and backgrounds react to extremely sour candy. Daybreak Express (1953-58, 5 mins.), by D.A. Pennebaker, captures a mid-twentieth century look at New York City from the windows of an elevated train. Set to music by Duke Ellington, this film plays with light, reflections, and rhythm. Whizeewhig (2002, 3 min.), by Chih Cheng Peng, is a moving portrait of San Francisco that sets urban architecture into motion. Birdbeat: fugue (2002, 5 min.), by Geoff Adams, is a short animated film that transforms the cacophony of birds at a backyard feeder into a jazzy composition. The Bubbleman (2007, 5 min.), by Bay Area filmmaker Karil Daniels, is a delightful performance piece featuring the creative work of Sterling Johnson. Sterling uses his bare hands and a simple mixture to create fascinating bubble structures, such as sliding bubbles, chains, of bubbles, and bubbles within bubbles.

* The Exploratorium marks the 2007-8 International Polar Year (IPY) with live webcasts from Antarctica and the South Pole and a series of webcasts on climate change and polar science in December 2007 and January 2008. Take part online at www.exploratorium.edu/icestories , or come to the Exploratorium, where these events are included in the price of admission. We'll talk with researchers at the South Pole and McMurdo Station, watch as penguins dive under the ice, and see scientists reach for the sky with their weather balloons. Programs will feature scientists pulling ice cores from miles underground, trapping the tiniest particles from outer space, and at the new 10-meter telescope at the South Pole. Webcast programs originating from the Exploratorium and streaming live on the Web will feature climate scientists, authors, and Exploratorium senior scientists demonstrating and discussing the work being done to understand climate change, the impact of global warming on people and the environment, and ways individuals can get involved. These programs and more will be shown daily at www.exploratorium.edu/icestories . Make sure to check the schedule for updates.

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