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Open MAKE: Time - February 18, 2012

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December 14, 2011

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Open MAKE: Time - February 18, 2012

Open MAKE at the Exploratorium: Time
Saturday: February 18, 2012
10 am - 2 pm

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On Saturday, February 18, 2012 from 10 am to 2 pm, join the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio ©, and MAKE Magazine for Open MAKE: Time - where you'll find inspiration while discovering something new on the subject of time.  From stop motion and animation, to alarm clocks and watches - as well as other tools we use to measure the movement of time - see what artists have created, then get busy making your own time contraptions and works of art.  Come discover the techniques of handmade book-making with Julie Chen, whose art engages the concept of the book as an object and as a time-based craft – then check out Roger Wood’s repurposed clocks and one of a kind handmade timekeeping devices. You can geek out over David Forbes’ Nixie Watch, take part in a clock dissection, make a sundial or even your own zoetrope!

When the Open MAKE activities wind down, head to the McBean Theater for a time-themed film program from 3 - 4 pm.

This spring, we’re tinkering with a capital “T” as the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio ©, and MAKE Magazine present Open MAKE – a monthly program of hands-on activities, demonstrations, and guest artists and makers from the Bay Area and beyond. Toys, Time, Tools and Trash are the themes which will each get the Open MAKE treatment, on the third Saturday of the month, from January through April, 2012. A collaboration between the Exploratorium, MAKE Magazine, and Pixar Animation Studios, Open MAKE highlights the tools, techniques, and ingenuity of local Makers. Visitors are invited to participate in tinkering and making activities inside the Tinkering Studio, where Makers from around the Bay Area will share their work. In addition, Dale Dougherty, founder and editor of MAKE Magazine, will interview Featured Makers in the McBean Theater.  And, when Open MAKE season finishes at the Exploratorium, we bring the same level of excitement to the annual Maker Faire weekend down in San Mateo, May 19 and 20th – http://makerfaire.com/

The schedule of events for Open MAKE: Time on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 goes as follows:

Five featured makers will be interviewed in the McBean Theater between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., talking about their work and process, and taking questions from the audience. The interview will also be webcast live! Please click here to watch.

  • Five Ton Crane (represented by Alan Rorie, David Shulman, and Sean Orlando) will share their retro-futuristic large installation projects, such as their Raygun Gothic Rocket

  • David Forbes will talk about his passion for making clocks and watches with nixie tubes and oscilloscopes.

  • Julie Chen describes working with handmade books and printing techniques as a “time based medium.”

  • Roger Wood, in addition to setting up a portable workshop in the Tinkering Studio, will talk about making clocks from recycled and found gadgets and mechanical wonders.

  • Our very own Nicole Catrett built a homemade stroboscope, which has since become a permanent exhibit on the museum floor.

In the Tinkering Studio, we’ll explore time as a concept through stroboscope photography, an amazing panoramic timelapse by former Featured MakerKen Murphy, as well as Roger Wood’s clock-making workshop. You’ll also be able to participate in a week-long Sumi Ink Club collective drawing, and see a time-lapse film of it unfolding.

In the skylight area, watch for some of our experiments with time: make a life-sized stop-motion animation, create your own metaphorical clock that expresses your own relationship with time, or dissect a real clock to literally find out what “makes it tick.” There will also be many “Open Makers” from all over the Bay Area showcasing their own experiments with time-keeping and time-observing. Watch out for MAKE Magazine’s table dedicated to the beloved 555 timer!

Visit http://tinkering.exploratorium.edu/events/ for updates on activities related to each date and theme.

The Open MAKE schedule is as follows:

Saturday, February 18, 2012
Second Open MAKE session: Time

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Third Open MAKE session: Tools

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Fourth Open MAKE session: Trash

Maker Faire - Bay Area - May 19 and 20, 2012
Check the MAKE's site for details and ticket information: http://makezine.com/

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