Grand Canyon National Park

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Well, here we are at the last leg of the trip. The Grand Canyon is magnificent. Colors abound from the whitish Kaibab Limestone at the top of the canyon, to the red Hermit Shales and Supai Group of the ledges, to the Redwall Sandstones, to the grayish-black Vishnu Schist in the depths of the inner gorge.

We first took some drives alond the rim to view the canyon from several different points, each offering breathtaking vistas that seemed to stretch to infinity. The panorama above was taken from Pima Point. Click on it for the full sized picture.

We once again took a ranger lead hike down the South Kaibab Trail about 1300 feet down into the canyon. We actually were lead by a student volunteer, Phoebe (closest to us), who explained a great deal about the geology, botany, and history of the area. Note how steep the trail is...
Phoebe took us down the trail to a place called Ooo Ahh Point. We weren't sure if this was the "official" name for this spot. Here are your heros as they figure out whether they will be able to make it back up the 1300 feet to the rim of the canyon.
Along the trail we met a couple of the famous mule trains that take people and materials down into the canyon. We thought that we might try this, but it had to be booked far in advance. They will take you all the way into the canyon, set you up in a tent, feed you and take you back the next day. All for around $250 per person.
The hike down (and the subsequent hike back up) were worth the view from Ooo Ahh Point as you will see when you click on the thumbnail to the left.

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