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The Seeing Gallery opened in 2002 as part of the NSF-funded Seeing collection.
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Magnetic Movie
A film by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Inspired by discussions with space scientists and actual recordings of magnetic field data, Semiconductor brings a delirious surrealism to NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley.
The Seeing Gallery becomes an artists’ studio—a space for artists-in-residence Jessica Miller, Adam Hathaway, and John Edmark to share ideas with Exploratorium educators, scientists, and exhibit developers and to experiment with new methods of working.
Light Walks
An Homage to Exploratorium Artist Bob Miller Works by Kit Kube, Mark Esper, Michael Brown, Michael Walsh, and Jane Aaron
Virtual Unreality
The artists in this exhibition embrace the inherently unreal nature of computer-generated environments to create landscapes and creatures that are subtly familiar, yet ultimately strange and otherworldly.
In the Land of the Lilliputian
Explored the nanoworld through art
Turing Tables: A national premiere by Franz John. Sound design by Ed Osborn
Explores the transformation of seismological data into sound and image
Light as an Artistic Medium 1930/2005
Works exploring the power and subtlety of light by László Moholy-Nagy and Thomas Bartels
Sculptural Information
Interactive artworks exploring the interface between data and sculpture, featuring works by Margaret Michel, Michael Rees, Shirley Shor, and Mary Tsiongas.
Natural Reflections
A series of artworks using the lens of nature to explore the human condition, featuring works by Binh Danh, Claudia Hart, Vanessa Renwick, and John Slepian.
Art Life
Featuring works of interactive media by Brian Knep, Golan Levin, Casey Reas, and Scott Snibbe
Cutting Edge: Artists Experiment With Glass
Five artists who work with glass in nontraditional ways: Lillian Ball, Rebecca Cummins, Leighton Pierce, Thad Povey, and Michael Rudnick
Liquid Time Series: Tokyo
Camille Utterback
Shelly Eshkar and Paul Kaiser
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