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Past Exhibitions
Untitled No. 133: On the Edge of Falling
Liminality: Art on the Threshold
Math and the Night Sea: The Square Wave and The Round Wave
In the Land of the Lilliputian
Light as an Artistic Medium 1930/2005
Sculptural Information
Natural Reflections
Art Life
Cutting Edge
Liquid Time
  The breathtaking evolution of the speed and complexity of information systems has powerfully affected sculptural practice. Streaming data systems have transformed a relatively static art form into a realm characterized by nontraditional approaches to sculpture. These new methods lead to works that break away from common conceptions of sculpture into the realization of moving, sonic, filmic, and interactive sculptural spaces. Several of the pieces in this exhibition highlight icons of information, such as books, print, X-rays, and typewriters. In other pieces, that information has gone 'underground,' completely hidden within the invisible yet boundless world of digital information technology.
Sculptural Information highlights works from:
Margaret Michel Le jardin des lettres (2003)
Digital (2004)
Michael Rees Putto 8 (v2) (2003)

Shirley Shor
The Book O Life (2004)
Mary Tsiongas Sound Book Series (1999-2004)
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