Links to Web sites related to Retinitis Pigmentosa and vision loss:
Website of The Foundation Fighting Blindness in Baltimore. The Foundation is in the forefront of nonprofits that fund cutting-edge research and publish information about research, eye care, and low vision adaptation.
The Macular Degeneration Support site
The Macular Degeneration Portal, which contains descriptions and links to the predominant Macular Degeneration organizations.
A retinal degeneration site based in Scotland.
Asite about Choroideremia (related to retinal degeneration) research
A site built and maintained by retired journalist Dorothy Stiefel, with information, support, and links to other responsible sources.
What the world looks like to people with low vision
Through Our Eyes -- A Gallery of Personal Visual Perceptions
Planet Arrington E-Zine- a site that mixes RP and low vision information with dialogues and even creative writing
Bobby - Web site of the test for Web site accesibility
European-based international organization that promotes and monitors Web site accessibilty
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