"Now here's a board with little square mirrors in the place of the square holes.

"What led up to this was a couple of things. I bought a glass mirror for the sun follower on the roof, and I was worried about it not being flat enough. So I took it outside the door and I reflected sunlight into and across the museum to the far wall. I never really thought about what I expected to see. I guess I expected to see a nice, rectangular spot of sunlight over there.

"Well, I didn't. It was quite rounded. And just by chance, the fog was coming in that day, and every now and then the fog would go right near the sun so that the whole wall was filled with an image of the sky. You could see the slightly out-of-shape bright spot of light that was an image of the sun, and then you could see the fog going by. It really got me excited for two reasons:

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