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Snacks about Heat

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Cold Metal

"Cold" metal and "warm" wood may be the same temperature.

Convection Currents

Make your own heat waves in an aquarium.

Cool Hot Rod

Objects change size when heated or cooled

Curie Point

When a piece of iron gets too hot, it is no longer attracted to a magnet.

Dipping Bird

When the fuzzy coating on the bird's head is wet, water evaporates and cools the vapor inside the bird's head. This condenses the vapor back to liquid and reduces the pressure in the bird's head. The bird's head keeps moving.

Gas Model

Caged molecules do their thing.


Natural geysers form when underground chambers fill with water and are heated geothermally. When the water is heated to its boiling point, the geyser erupts, spewing its contents, and the cycle starts again.

Give and Take

Dark-colored materials both absorb and emit energy more readily than light-colored materials.

Hand-Held Heat Engine

Challenge your students to get the liquid up to the top of the container without turning it over.

Hot Spot

You can focus the invisible light from an electric heater.