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Blind Spot

To see or not to see.

Bubble Suspension

Soap bubbles float on a cushion of carbon dioxide gas.

Disappearing Act

If you want to stay hidden, you'd better stay still.

Milk Makes Me Sick

Most human infants produce ample quantities of lactase for milk digestion. However, in the vast majority of adult humans, the gene which specifies production of lactase is turned "off" and these individuals cannot digest lactose - they are lactose intolerant.

Peripheral Vision

We are not usually aware of our eyes' limitations.

Persistence of Vision

Your eye and brain hold on to a series of images to form a single complete picture.


Even with our eyes closed, we have a sense of body position - where our arms and legs are, for example, and that we are moving them. Muscles, tendons, joints and the inner ear contain proprioceptors, also known as stretch receptors, which relay positional information to our brains.


Your pupil changes size to control how much light enters your eye.

Seeing Your Retina


You can use a dim point of light to cast a shadow of the blood supply of your retina onto the retina itself. This will allow you to see the blood supply of your retina, and even your blind spot.

Sense of Taste

Receptors on our tongues bind to chemicals in our food and relay the information about the chemicals to our brain. Surprisingly, all those wonderful tastes are transmitted to our brains through only four types of receptors on our tongues - those for sweet, sour, salt and bitter.