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Snacks about Reflection

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Anti-Gravity Mirror

It's all done with mirrors!

Bird in the Cage

Stare at color and see it change.

Corner Reflector

See yourself as others see you.

Critical Angle

Why your phone calls don't leak out of optical fibers.

Cylindrical Mirror

This cylindrical mirror lets you see yourself as others see you.

Disappearing Glass Rods

You can make glass objects disappear.

Duck Into Kaleidoscope

Make multiple images of yourself.

Everyone Is You and Me

See yourself become someone else.

Hot Spot

You can focus the invisible light from an electric heater.

Laser Jello

Use gelatin as a smoked lens, to view total internal reflection, and as a color filter.

Look Into Infinity

Images of images of images can repeat forever.

Mirrorly a Window

What you see is often affected by what you expect to see.


It's all done with mirrors.

Solar Brightness

A photometer made by making a grease spot on white paper can be used to compare the brightness of the sun to the brightness of a lamp. By finding a position at which the sun is as bright as the lamp the power output of the sun can be estimated.

Spherical Reflections

Discover art and science in a myriad of spherical reflections


Your pupil changes size to control how much light enters your eye.

Touch the Spring

You can see the spring, but you can't touch it.