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Securities Transfer Information

Securities Transfer Information

The Exploratorium welcomes gifts of securities. A gift of appreciated stock contributed directly to the Exploratorium is deductible at the full market value of the stock given, and donors are not liable for any federal capital gains tax.

To donate appreciated securities, you will need the following information:

Exploratorium Account: 3072-1195
Wells Fargo Investments
Attention: Stephen Papale or Veronique Jaggi
(415) 222-2208 (Stephen) or (415) 222-6851 (Veronique)
spapale@wellsfargo.com or veronique.jaggi@wellsfargo.com
Exploratorium Tax ID: 94-1696494
DTC #: 141

Please copy communications to the Development Office of the Exploratorium by e-mail at donatesecurities@exploratorium.edu. This is an important step in order to provide timely processing and acknowledgment of your gift. If you have any questions, please call (415) 528-4474.