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Premier Partners

Premier Partners

Learn how our current Premier Partners are working with the Exploratorium.

PG&E has been a leader in sustainability for many years and has signed on as our “Lead Sustainability Partner.” In this role, the company assists us in measuring the amount of energy our new building uses and how it’s offset by our solar panels. In addition, PG&E has been helpful in providing information to the public about the features of our building by producing an interactive digital magazine.

PG&E is also sponsoring our Free Field Trip Program for all San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Title One schools. Our research shows that only 10 percent of all SFUSD students visit the Exploratorium in a given school year. This sponsorship will provide free admission to schools that are financially challenged.

Chevron has been a loyal and consistent partner of the Exploratorium since 1977, giving more than $1.3 million to the institution. Chevron has also become a strong supporter of our Teacher Institute (TI), which provides much-needed professional development to Bay Area middle and high school math and science teachers.

To augment its commitment to TI, Chevron will collaborate with us on developing a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education Teacher Conferences, which will focus on the next generation of science standards. As our presenting partner, Chevron will bring in key educational partners from other organizations, as well as Chevron employees, to help with professional development in topics such as design and engineering, which will soon be required subjects in all California high schools. We will conduct two conferences a year at the museum starting in fall 2013. We will also make teaching materials accessible through a new website and videos/webcasts.

Genentech has been a lead corporate contributor to the Exploratorium for almost 30 years, helping to provide access to the museum for all, particularly public school teachers. This is why Genentech has agreed to provide free admission for all California public school teachers starting in summer 2013. Genentech is also partnering on the STEM Education Teacher Conferences in November.

Autodesk is a company that focuses on innovation and design, which aligns perfectly with the Exploratorium’s belief in learning by doing. The “maker culture,” which promotes thinking with your hands, creativity, and collaboration, is the cornerstone of Autodesk’s new partnership with the Exploratorium.

Designers and engineers from Autodesk are teaming up with Exploratorium exhibit developers to create two new exhibits this year for the museum floor using Autodesk software and resources. Additionally, Autodesk will be uniquely involved with our Tinkering Social Club and our Teacher Institute in creating online teaching resources.