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Professional Society Volunteer Application

Professional Society Volunteer Application

Please elect one member of your group to serve as the primary contact person. This person should submit the application on behalf of all other group members. The primary contact accepts responsibility for the conduct of the group while on site at the Exploratorium and acts as the liaison for coordinating service day activities.

If you haven’t heard from us within 72 hours after submitting your application, please send an e-mail to volunteer@exploratorium.edu.

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Professional Society Information
Primary Contact for Day of Event
Availability & Preferences
Volunteer Contract
The Exploratorium agrees to • provide you with appropriate training, supervision, space, materials, and equipment to accomplish the assigned project(s); • communicate with you openly and often about ongoing opportunities for volunteer involvement. You agree to • fulfill the terms of the volunteer opportunity as described; • notify the manager of Volunteer Services if you need to redefine your commitment or to conduct an exit interview; • respond promptly to communications from the Volunteer Office, including phone calls, e-mail, newsletters, and invitations; • abide by the general rules of access and conduct for all Exploratorium staff; • review the information specific to your volunteer situation in the Volunteer Handbook (ie., group-specific information for those who are volunteering as part of a group), which you will receive after coordinating with the manager of Volunteer Services; • wear your Exploratorium Volunteer I.D. Badge while serving as a volunteer; • accurately record your volunteer hours in the log book; • grant the Exploratorium the right to use your photograph in promoting the museum and/or Volunteer Services; • respect the confidentiality of sensitive or privileged information; • accept the manager of Volunteer Service’s right to counsel you (and/or members of your group if you are part of a group that is volunteering) or possibly dismiss you or your group from the Volunteer Program if you fail to comply with the guidelines.