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Genetically modified foods
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Links to info on GM foods:


Are GM foods the boon that could put an end to starvation and malnutrition or a bane that will produce uncontrollable health and environmental consequences? As genetically-modified foods become more pervasive, we'll be faced with more decisions about their value and risks. There are no clear answers to questions about the health, environment, economic and political impact of GM foods. The only certainty is that food biotechnology is here to stay, and it's up to us as consumers to know about what we're eating.

Use these links to fill yourself in on various sides of the issue, and come to your own conclusions

Background information:

Environmental Media Services Reporter's Guide to Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
A fairly comprehensive set of essays covering the issues around GM foods and offering resources for learning more.

The USDA's Biotechnology Information Resource
has links to papers and web sites covering a wide variety of GM-food related issues.

Food for our Future
from the UK's Food and Drink Federation offers solid background information as well as well-written articles addressing the risks and benefits of GM agriculture.

In favor of GM foods:
is an online information resource with an eye to policy makers and those with an interest in GM in developing countries.

Genetic Engineering News
is an industry publication with news about GM foods and other applications of genetic engineering.

Council for Biotech Information
is a well-rounded information resource founded by biotech industry leaders.

Monsanto's Biotechnology site
has information on bio-engineered seeds as well as a link to the company-sponsored Biotechnology Knowledge Center.

In opposition to GM foods

Union of Concerned Scientists
Agriculture and Biotechnology site contains a wealth of information about environmental and scientific issues as well as background information.

The Alliance for Bio-Integrity
Critiques bioengineering from a scientific and religious point of view.

Consumer's Union Food Safety Issues
from the people who bring you Consumer Reports.

Playing God in the Garden
a discussion of the New Leaf Potato, from the New York Times Magazine, October 28, 1998

The Organic Consumers Association

News stories

Food at a Crossroads
A special series of reports on GM agriculture, printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Especially interesting for articles focusing on farmers and the media's presentation of the issue.

Living in a GM World
Another special series of reports, this one unique for its global perspective and information on GM in the UK.

The New York Times GM collection
gathers together recent stories about GM foods that have run in the Times. Requires registration.


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