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Summer 2013 Alumni Insitute Applications!!

Want to join us for this Summer?

There are still spaces available for our alumni offerings.

Do you want to learn about alternative energy? How about re-engineering your curriculum using NGSS? Wanna tour our new building and learn about our net-zero goal? If yes to any of these question...apply here:


Applications are due by April 19th.....applications will be reviewed and responses will be sent back soon after.

Please keep in mind that there are a VERY limited number of slots for these workshops....please, please, please, contact us ASAP if you can not make a session....we will have a long wait list. If a problem arises, please contact Manpreet at mrandev@exploratorium.edu.

Have a great spring and summer. We hope to see you soon!

-Paul, Linda, Eric, Don, Modesto, Lori, Charlie, Julie, Bryce, Lexie and Manpreet

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