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Human Body Explorations

by Karen Kalumuck and the Exploratorium Teacher Institute


Human Body Explorations bookcover

Before You Begin
Potential hazards, cautions, and alternatives

Safety Precautions
We've designed these explorations with safety and success in mind. But even the simplest activity and the most common materials can be harmful when mishandled or misused. Use common sense whenever you're exploring or experimenting.

We have used a CAUTION icon and an explanatory note to draw your attention to any steps for which extra care should be taken.

Ingesting Materials
A few of the explorations in this book require tasting or smelling substances. If you are a teacher or other group facilitator, be sure to check the rules of your organization regarding liability and parental permission for ingesting substances before asking anyone to participate in an exploration that involves tasting or smelling.

Some individuals may be unable to participate in a tasting or smelling activity due to dietary, medical, or other restrictions. We encourage the creation of alternative roles for those who cannot, or do not wish to, taste or smell the suggested materials. In a group situation, for example, those who cannot directly participate may be given the role of an assistant who passes out materials or gathers and records data.


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