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Podcasts and Videos:
Our Podcast are bite-sized recordings for science teachers, by alumni teachers of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute .
We Won Best Professional Development Podcast!
Science Teaching Tips just won "Best Professional Development podcast" from the Podcast for Teachers

Take it Outside:
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Sometimes kids don’t have much experience with nature. TI teacher coach Kim Marie Hansen tells us how she got her inner city students outside and observing the world, by using nature journals.
Sample nature journal page: www.exo.net/~drsteph/

Survival Guid:
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It’s tough for a new teacher to keep up with everything from labs to professional development. TI teacher coach Arlette Manders provides a potpourri of tips on how to make life a little easier.

Classroom Management:
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TI teacher coach Sandra Robbins talks about better classroom management styles.

What’s Your Story?:
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TI teacher coach Carol Murphy talks about the myriad ways she’s used storytelling in her science classes.

Think Positive:
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Got a tough kid in your class? TI Staff Educator Modesto Tamez tells us a story from his teaching career – a powerful technique that has helped him win over the stubborn, negative students.

First Year of Teaching (Story #1):
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Today's story -- a teacher tells of his first year teaching in a tough school district, and a stellar performance in the face of quite extenuating circumstances. This episode is one in a series of several of these funny, sad, touching, and tough stories of the first time in a difficult profession.

The Teaching Box:
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Staff educator Tory Brady tells you how to make a teaching box—a valuable tool for getting yourself organized to teach a great science unit.
My Science Box - from TI alumna:

Sing a Song of Science:
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TI teacher coach Rilla Chaney says she's no singer, but she's successfully used songs to teach science concepts in her classroom.

Lucky Break. First Year of Teaching, Story #2:
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A lucky veteran teacher tells how she got started teaching, with a supportive school and helpful predecessor. This episode is one in a series of several stories of the first time in a difficult profession.

Science Teaching Tips are produced by the StephExploratorium's Teacher Institute by Stephanie Chasteen
EMAIL US at teachingtips@exploratoriu.edu
Exploratorium Teacher Insitute videos are in Quicktime format.

Youtube videos:
Our Videos are short hands on science activities created by alumni and staff of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute. All activities are classroom tested and are meant to be easy and fun to do. Our youtube channel is located at:

Oobleck Trek:
The staff of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute mixed and built a pool of oobleck (cornstarch ooze). The general public and Teacher Institute alumni were invited to feel, walk and dance on the ooze. This video shows the making and use of said puddle

Don Rathjen of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute demonstrates "Whack-a-stack." This demo demonstrates Newton's 1st law of motion as well as other physics phenomenon.

Teacher Institute holds BBQ:
The Exploratorium Teacher Institute holds a BBQ each summer during it's 4-week long institute. Teachers come from all over the country (and internationally)to be part of our summer programs. Towards the end of the institute, we encourage our teachers to participate in a friendly barbeque competition that features grilled foods from their native lands. Heres one of these events.

Teacher Institute Sancks:
Teacher Institute staff have a growning collection of "Snack " videos. Snacks are easy to do hands-on activities. They have been thoroughly classroom tested and utilize only easily obtainable materials. Snacks are also available via print in the Exploratorium Science Snackbook as well as on-line. Click here to see more Snack videos, order a book on-line or link to the Exploratorium Snack web pages.

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