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Streaming videos

We have five short streaming videos detailing the four important "contact" points and mid-transit. Click on illustration below to view the desired video. Note that the sound you hear is a timing track recorded from the WWV radio service. Depending on the computer you use, the clock may "tick" fast or slow. Apparently RealMedia does not respect the integrity of time!

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Still Images

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Here you see Mercury at 2nd contact
just engulfed within the sun's disk (22K)

This is near
mid-transit (18K)

You can see the main building
of the observatory on
the way up the road (22K)

The 36" Lick Refractor is in
the large dome on the right (18K)

The business end of the
36" Lick Refractor (20K)

Our cigar-sized CCD camera at
the end of the telescope (24K)

Here you see our computers and
the telescope controls (17K)

A closer view
of the computers(22K)

We recorded it all
on this DV cam (16K)

This was the telescope floor
monitor (note image of Mercury) (15K)

We had visitors
during the transit (22K)

Some visitors were astronomer's
children who go to school on Mt. Hamilton (23K)

Rem Stone, a research astronomer
who helped us immensely (20K)

Benjamin Mendelsohn (West Valley College)
Tony Misch (Lick Observatory)
Rem Stone (Lick Observatory)
Ellie Gates (Lick Observatory)
Thanks all! (23K)

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