Friendship Acrobatic Troupe

by Carl Cheng


Friendship Acrobatic Troupe is a playful installation of dancing bubbles, rings, and other aquatic shapes... all rising up to the surface of an artfully lit glass tank.


Dimensions: 96" x 36" 36" Weight: 280 lbs.

Artist's Comments:

My art work results from an attitude that says we, humans, are not adversaries of nature but are a part of nature. Even if we destroy everything in the world including ourselves Nature will continue to evolve. A small earthquake or tornado and we're totally helpless. It is arrogant for us to assume such an inflated view of ourselves.


Art and science are two aspects of human nature which incorporate our ideas, beliefs, discoveries and inventions. For the last 30 years I have been working with natural phenomena such as sun light, erosion, weathering and water activity in a context of site-related sculpture projects that also include our cultural interests, our contemporary skills and our humanistic values.